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In the Philippines, higher education is instilled as a top priority. As a result, the literacy rate is at
94% and they are also ranked as the 4th largest English-speaking country in the world. The
public and private school system combined produces about 1,000,000 graduates with tertiary
education every year.

Anything and everything that can be done virtually. A role that requires a specialized skill,
license or degree can also be filled by Dextra Outsourcing Solutions. These roles can be IT &
Web Developers, Bookkeepers, Registered Nurses (ALL Registered Nurses from the
Philippines have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing), Paralegal, Graphic Designer, Digital
Marketing etc.

No, as the majority of our staff is looking for long-term employment.

Our staff can work for you for at least 20 hours per week and up to 40 hours per week
depending on the needs of your business.

After making a decision on who to hire after the interview, your Virtual Assistant can start the
next day

The first step is to provide us with a job description to guide us recruit the best VA that is fit for the role. After that, we will provide you a pool of candidates within 7 days from the receipt of the job description. Once candidates have been selected by our HR team, we will schedule a virtual meeting with the client so they can interview their potential VAs. We normally provide at least 3 candidates at a time.

All our Virtual Assistants are required to send an end of day report to the person that they report
to. Additionally, they are mandated to use our time & attendance platform which will be sent to
the client on a monthly basis.

We encourage our clients that if there is any issue or concern with your Virtual Assistant, please
communicate it to us right away. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and if ongoing issues
arise and cannot be resolved, we will replace your Virtual Assistant within a week.

All our Virtual Assistants are provided with a company email that is powered by google. They
can be reached via google chat and a US phone number which is VoIP.

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